Rally for the Troops


Rally for the Troops assists service-connected Disabled Veterans who are coping with the physical and psychological challenges that developed as a result of their military service, by providing the support and resources needed to accomplish the following goals:

Provide motorsport career training and outreach by providing the Veterans and Soldiers will with opportunities to learn the skills needed to serve as Crew members, Service Technicians, Racing Support, Co-Drivers and Drivers.

Enable soldiers and veterans to overcome psychological and physical challenges such PTSD, (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injuries & mobility limitations by providing them with Mentorship, Motivation and the resources needed to assimilated and compete as a team in amateur Rally and other Auto Racing.

Stage Rally Warriors

Next Event:  March 2-3rd 2018 -  SandBlast Rally      Cheraw, SC        #2          DeMasi / Kurey              '85 V8rallyranger    2017 NRS-ARC Champions 
#50        Lacy / Mc Namara        '00 Subaru WRX             
#901     Pilcher / ?                           '88 Escort GT

Driver, Tony Lacy  -  CoDriver, Barry Pilcher
TurboTime.US  2002 Subaru WRX AWD

NASA Rally Sport  
2017 Sandbalst Rally
2016 Black River Stages
2016 Empire State Performance Rally
2016 HyperFest RallySprint
2016 Sandblast Rally

Driver, Gary DeMasi - Co-Driver, Steven Kurey
Rally FAST, 1985 Ford "V8RallyRanger" GT
2017 NASA RallySport ARC Champion 
American Rally Assoiation 
2017 - Susquehannock Performance Trail Rally
NASA RallySport   
2017-15-'14  Sandblast Rally
2017- '16-'15-'14-'13  Empire State Performance Rally
2015-'14 -'13  Black River Stages 
2017- '15  Prescott Rally     '17 National Podium Champ
2013- '12  HyperFest RallySprint
2013  Rally West Virginia 

Rally America
2016-'15-'14 Susquehannock Performance Trail Rally
American Rally Cross 
2012 x2 NJMP,   2013 Pocono,  2015 Rolling Wheels